3 Kratom Extraction Essentials New Users Should Know

3 Kratom Extraction Essentials

Kratom is a household name all over the world, especially in the West due to its soaring popularity. Earlier, Kratom used to be consumed by the locals of the Southeast Asian countries, where it is found in large plantations in the leaf form or they crush it to make a paste for health and wellness. However, this century-old herb was just plucked off from the trees and consumed in a raw way most of the times by farmers who used to toil hard in the fields every day.

With its popularity now heading towards the West, Kratom herb is available in different forms for consumption. If you visit any online Kratom vendor site today, you can find Kratom powder, capsules, extracts, resins, gums, extracts, and many such products. Kratom powder is always the most sought and the preferred form of consumption due to its ease and convenience. However, as of now another Kratom form that is becoming quite popular with the public is Kratom extracts. Kratom extracts are now used by so many people due to the raising tolerance levels for Kratom strains.

Also, with Kratom extracts you only have to consume limited quantities for even potential effects. Kratom extracts are a great way to save money if you are someone who takes large doses of Kratom powder for the effects. Also, with Kratom extracts, people would have a lot of doubts as in how the extracts need to be consumed, in what dosage, how they are made and the best extract for wellness and so on. So, this article focused on the three most Kratom extract tips for all new users so that these products could be used safely.

How are the Kratom extracts made?

With various Kratom extracts out there, you might ask how these extracts are made. Each extract might have its way of extraction, however, let us discuss the basic extraction process here through which the extracts are extracted. The Kratom leaves are harvested and collected when they are mature. They are dried for a particular period and then the extraction process is started. Extraction is pulling out all prominent Kratom nutrients in the plant. Are you curious to know how this happens? This is no rocket science, to be frank.

A stepwise process of Kratom extraction has been given below.

  • Kratom leaves are boiled down with ethanol in a large pot.
  • At a particular boiling point, the alkaloids in the Kratom leaves are pulled off from them.
  • Now the straining procedure is begun with a sieve in the same pot.
  • This resultant product is again boiled until a concentrated substance evolves.
  • Straining it again and letting it dry can lead to the creation of Kratom extracts.


This Kratom extract is many times concentrated and potent than the Kratom powder. It doesn’t add up like that literally. However, 1g 5x Kratom extract contains the concentration of 5g Kratom powder. So you must imagine the strength and hence, the extracts must be used appropriately and safely for potential benefits. The extraction process can be done also with vinegar or any acid-base. But the number of Kratom leaves that are used for the process is crucial since it influences the potency of the extract.

How to use Kratom extracts?

Kratom extracts are now available as resins, oils and much more. Hence, you can use any of the Kratom extracts that might be suitable for you. If you are a new user, then you could talk to experienced extracts users or go through several public forums like Reddit for information on extracts and how they could be used properly in a way that it helps people improve their wellness and health. Extracts can be very fun and exciting to try and experiment on. However, you will have to choose the one that really suits you for the betterment of your health and also use it in appropriate proportions for benefits in the long run. A bit of advice is that you will have to talk to a lot of people before deciding which Kratom extract would be the perfect one for you.

How we produce the Best Kratom extracts in the market?

At Kratomarena.com, we make sure that the extracts are prepared professionally so that the quality and safety criteria is not affected at any cost. Also, the main aim is to hold the product’s potency at the right level so that it remains effective. Our extracts are manufactured transparently without anything to hide. We use about 50 kilos of Kratom leaves and powder, obtained from fine and rich leaves that are mature and potent. This powder is placed in a large vessel and then more than 80 litres of ethanol or alcohol is added to make it into a mixture.

The mixture is then heated so that the nutrients and the alkaloids are separated from the leaves. The concentrated mixture is then strained now and then on a repeated basis to arrive at a very concentrated liquid. This liquid is then poured on shoots where it dries and crystal are formed due to the process of crystallization. The dried extract is then removed and then the high-quality Kratom extract crystals are picked and packed for our esteemed customers.


We make sure that the Kratom extracts at our Kratomarena.com have been manufactured impressively so that it is safe to use. But make sure to understand these points before you set out to try the Kratom extracts. Kratom extracts can’t just be meddled with and hence, use it safely and selectively. Let us know what you feel about our Kratom extracts.

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