3 Questions an New User has about Kratom Powder

New User has about Kratom Powder

With so many controversies going on around Kratom, it is obvious that every new user would have ample questions in their mind before they set out to buy Kratom. Also, the Kratom ban brings in a lot of doubts in the minds of the people out there and I even wonder how someone would be able to see the positive side of Kratom in spite of all the negativity that is surrounding the plant herb in all ways.

 The truth about Kratom was even busted a while ago when an ex DEA agent was brought about to help people understand the efforts towards destroying the image of Kratom. This might be old news but to be frank, it sheds a new ray of hope to all Kratom users that Kratom helps and that it is beneficial to all users out there.

The full story can’t be explained, however, the gist is here. Most of the people out there had to embrace Kratom at some point in their life and it might be due to several reasons that we can’t decipher or get hold of. Even the officers at DEA had gone through depression or any other anxiety issues during their times which led them towards Kratom in one way or the other. Hence, the universal truth is that Kratom came and Kratom changed. This is how the lives of people who have been using Kratom can be explained in short. 

Kratom is not the first option everyone tries to get their hands on during any problem or issue. They move towards the chemicals and then when they get completely worn out, they switch to an alternative or natural options. That is how Kratom comes into the picture and has a resounding impact on people and their ailments.

The rumor about Kratom – Is it Addictive?

Some people at the Government agencies and other corporate share negative views on Kratom for their benefits. While these people go on to claim that Kratom is bad and addictive, the scientific results say otherwise. No scientific report has concluded that Kratom is a hazard to people in its entirety. Kratom indeed needs a lot of research before we could come at a solid conclusion but still, it is not right to accuse the herb of complications that originate from other substances. 

Most sites openly demonstrate the lack of Kratom research, which is the main reason why Kratom is covered with all these speculations. There is one scientist who goes by the name Dr. Jack Henningfield, who has done so much research on Kratom and has also arrived with an opinion that Kratom is not addictive in any way. He even states that Kratom is not as addictive as a cup of coffee and he tends to extend this research for deep analysis.

Is Kratom safe?

So Kratom is safe but its safety depends on a set of factors that people need to understand. Kratom is safe when it is bought from a legal seller who tests their products periodically in third party labs. I once heard that a friend bought Kratom from a local shop and it turned out to be a disaster for him. I strongly recommend that the Kratom be bought from sellers who show the grit and integrity to test their products for safety and maintain high standards at their workplace for security and efficiency. If a seller you buy your Kratom from refuses to provide any lab results, then just move over and choose someone else who values your safety. 

Vendors like Kay Botanicals are known to test their products as they consider it to be a top priority. A safe environment and testing can only assure the safety of the Kratom you buy. Some vendors do not test their Kratom and also tend to sell it at a low price for profits. However, these untested Kratom has tested positive for Salmonella and other harmful bacteria. Hence, there should be laws and restrictions that eliminate vendors who do not test their Kratom regularly.

Can Kratom be beneficial to me?

There are millions of people out there who use Kratom daily. All these customers have gone through several challenges and difficulties before they got used to Kratom. Initially, people stick to chemical products and then with time as it does not reap in huge benefits, people go around for natural alternatives like Kratom. Finally, Kratom is found to pave the way for overall well-being. What Kratom does to people is not yet understood on a scientific base. You will have to try it for yourself and then decide if it is beneficial for you. 

The main reason behind this is that there are a lot of strains out there and some strains might suit your body perfectly and other strain might not. It is all about discovering for yourself the best ones that could have a lasting impact on you. Also, please do not expect great results with you first ever encounter. If there are no positive results, then it might be because of the reason that you haven’t found the right strain yet. So, with a lot of options out there, you will have to take time and make use of all the opportunities to see which of the Kratom strains might help you with health and well-being.


There might be a lot of questions in the minds of people when we talk about Kratom. But these three questions remain to be the most common ones that erupt as soon as a new user plans to embrace Kratom for the long course treatment. It is always better to get more information on Kratom and keep yourself updated on all the trends that could be helpful to understand Kratom better.

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