9 Questions About Kratom Powder Every User Should Easily Answer

9 Questions About Kratom Powder

If you are planning to start off your routine with Kratom, then there are few things like basics and fundamentals that you must be aware of the plant in general. You might ask how it matters when you just want to use the plant for its benefits. No one wants you to be a plant historian or a Kratom naturalist or a specialist, however the unique features of Kratom needs to be understood to get an idea of how this herb reacts and causes potential effects in people.

Also, the legal regulations of Kratom at the federal and the State level is necessary to understand the essentials of the plant herbs. But how much you really need to know to be aware of the plant completely? There is no rule book for this. It all depends on how much you wish to learn about the plant for it is never going to be a waste.

Why learn about Kratom?

The legal complications and other discrepancies surrounding Kratom make way for misinformation and rumour to be spread around the herb even by Government authorities. You might educate new users so that no random Kratom user has nothing to say in front of a Government person or a federal authority who could make the laws stringent due to silence. It is the right of every Kratom user to preserve their freedom to use Kratom for various reasons. At Kratomarena.com, we believe every user must know at least some about this wonderful herb so that they are in complete control. Hence, we have come up with 9 important questions that could help Kratom beginners in a huge way.

What is Kratom and Kratom powder?

If this question has been on your mind for a long time, then you surely must be new to Kratom and the community. It is okay and it doesn’t make you dumb if you have asked this question already. It is not that everybody has to know something all the time. So, Kratom is a tropical deciduous tree that grows in the Southeast part of Asia. This part mostly comprises of the countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo and other islands near these countries.

Kratom grows in these countries just because the soil and climatic conditions are favourable for the plant to grow and thrive. And the Kratom powder is derived from the leaves of this plant that contain all important alkaloids and nutrients. But all is not good with Kratom since it is not legal for consumption in many countries. So, you might have already guessed what the second question is going to be.

Is Kratom legal at my place?

This is a very important question that every new Kratom user must ask before they get their hands on the Kratom plant. But this section is important even for experienced users since any deviation or lack of knowledge could land them in trouble. The American Kratom Association is burning the midnight oil every single day to make sure that the Kratom plant is not banned on any fake grounds by the federal and State law. The AKA is trying its best to keep Kratom legal in most of the US States.

However, the efforts of the DEA and the FDA to malign the image of Kratom can be witnessed easily. Staying updated with knowledge on Kratom legality at your place is very important without which you are prone to face a lot of problems and issues when you order your products online. At Kratomarena.com, we have prepared an updated list of countries and US States where Kratom is legal and do not face any boundaries and restrictions.

How do I stand up for Kratom in my community?

The legality of Kratom stands on a very delicate line and hence you will have to be very careful while you tread this path. We need Kratom advocates today and this would happen only if the Kratom users are educated about all the legal functions and the other important features surrounding this herb on a large scale. Also, you will have to be in touch with the government authorities on the same to preserve Kratom. You could do it in the following ways.

  • Call your Federal representatives on a weekly basis and let them know how you have harnessed the benefits out of the Kratom herb products. Also, you can send in a video message to the representatives regularly to keep them in the loop. With more positive word around Kratom, you can keep the herb legal.
  • You can use resistbot, which is available on Facebook for this purpose. It might help you send scheduled messages to the representatives without you having to spend much of your time and effort.
  • Donating 5$ to the American Kratom Association every week can help our whole community to preserve our Kratom rights as the AKA is committed towards the same goal on behalf of us all.
  • Pass the information on Kratom to your friends and neighbours so that every Kratom user can stand up for themselves based on the current affairs.

To save Kratom, all it takes to become an active advocate of this herb.

What does Kratom tolerance mean?

Tolerance is a general term and it is not just restricted for Kratom. People tend to develop tolerance for all products that they consume. In some way or the other, the active ingredients contained in these products create a tolerance effect. As far as Kratom tolerance is concerned, it means that the person who starts using Kratom might require increased amounts of the strain for similar effects that might have been witnessed even at the start. Hence, you will have to try or rotate between different strains so that the tolerance effects are eliminated. Please make sure that you switch strains every now and then.

What is the Shelf life of Kratom?

The shelf life of Kratom depends on the way you store it and use it. People buying bulk Kratom only have to worry about storing it in a safe way so that it stays for a long time. Mostly people store it in a cool and dry place in Ziploc bags, jars and containers that are air-tight. On a franc note, it all comes down to the way you use it and store it.

What are the best Kratom strains?

It is better you ask which is the most popular of the Kratom strains instead of the best Kratom strain since individual tastes differ. Some strains might turn out to be efficient for some people, while it might not serve the purpose for others. The same Kratom strain tends to display varied characteristics in each individual due to the metabolism and other factors. So, all it takes is to choose that Kratom strain which works in the best way for you. On the same lines, some of the most popular Kratom strains out there are Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Green Bali, White Borneo, Red Borneo and much more.

Why is lab testing important for Kratom?

Any Kratom vendor must make sure that they exhibit their Kratom products to rigorous lab testing procedures so that the customers can be sure of the quality of Kratom products. At Kratomarena.com, we make sure all our products have been tested by third party labs on a regular basis. We have trashed millions worth Kratom products just because it did not meet our industry standards. We always place safety and quality first and hence, it is important to go after a vendor like this who is bent upon following the rules and standards for customer safety.

What is done with the stems and veins of Kratom?

Stems and veins of Kratom are also used to make Kratom products, however, it is not as popular as Kratom leaf products. Like the unique alkaloid makeup of Kratom leaves, the stem and the veins also have their own chemical composition that could be beneficial in many ways. The structure of the stem and veins make their effects last for a longer time even at considerably low quantities. Hence, most people rotate these powder strains with the stems and veins to decrease tolerance.

Why is the FDA after Kratom?

The FDA regularly releases various tabloids and press notice on the harmful effects of Kratom. Their evidence claims to show that the Kratom herb has the same effects as that of opioid drugs and hence, it can be the main cause for even death and other risks. As a result, they want Kratom to be banned going forward. The FDA cites example of more than 30 deaths that have happened due to substances containing Kratom ingredients. But the FDA fails to clarify whether the deaths were caused solely due to Kratom intervention.

Also, the death toll of alcohol, prescription medications and other deadly drugs are on a high every year and still those products have not been banned by the FDA. The FDA presents these claims without any substantial evidence that could back their claim. However, we are on the same lines with the FDA on one thing, some Kratom vendors are posing medical claims and also adulterating Kratom products for money bringing a bad name to the whole Kratom community.

Final Word

As a Kratom user, you might have several other questions in your mind too. But these are the most important questions that have to be addressed in my opinion. If you have any contradicting thoughts on the questions and the answers we have provided with, feel free to contact us for we will be more than happy to clear all your doubts.


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