Best Kratom Strains for Opiate Withdrawal


Are you really looking for ways to get rid of the opioid activity? I know it is not easy and many people out there are struggling so much to get a grip on their lives while they wish to eliminate opioids from their life once for all. So how does this start? People start using opioids and slowly they get addicted to it with time. This addiction to opioids is due to the development of tolerance that might bring in unfavorable side effects. The good news here is that there are various forms of solutions for this dependence and people are already on the lookout for such measures that could really pull them out of the pit of opiates.

Some of the prominent solutions out there for the public are therapies, meditation, yoga, rehabilitation centers and other techniques that could help people overcome this situation. At such a juncture, one such solution that is doing the rounds with people extending their reach towards this herb for opiate withdrawal is Kratom. Since Kratom is natural, it forms a perfect remedy to the people who search for options to get rid of this particular situation. But you can’t just blindly select a particular Kratom strain and go about with it for opiate withdrawal. With many strains out there, this post will help you understand how Kratom is very much effective for this purpose.

How does Kratom work for opiate withdrawal?

Kratom works effectively for opiate withdrawal and this fact is being believed just with the experiences of people and the claims they make as to how this herb has resulted in positive effects for them. However, the research extending towards Kratom is limited and it does not show exactly how this herb works against opiate addiction. However, what we know is that Kratom leaves contain a lot of alkaloids and flavonoids that help with mood enhancement, clarity, confidence, optimism, strength, focus, concentration, pain relief, euphoria, and other positive characteristics. The plant herb that comes from the Southeast Asian countries is composed of all these benefits and at this point, you might wonder how it is going to solve the issue of opiate addiction since it imparts no different effects than the opioids, right?

The differences and similarities between Kratom and Opioids

This is one section that most people don’t really understand no matter what. Kratom is not an opioid in any way and you will have to get that right first. Opiates make people experience a negative relationship with the body by affecting the body receptors and the brain nerves, leading to addiction in the long run. But Kratom is very much different and it does not really affect the body in any way. Instead, it acts as a supplement and Kratom leaves serve as a two-way switch, where it does not switch of the body senses completely like the opiates and rather complements the body functions for better use. With opiates, various side effects such as nausea, sleeplessness, depression, hallucination, anxiety, agitation and cramps are inevitable. Kratom just removes the negativity imparted by opiates and cleanses the system for overall well-being and good health.

Best Kratom strains for opioid withdrawal

With a good amount of Kratom strains out there, there is definitely a huge confusion out there as to which one of the lot would be effective against opiate withdrawal. This factor definitely depends on the individuals, since the effects vary from one person to another. It can depend on a variety of criteria like age, gender, body weight, metabolism rate, and other such aspects. But based on user experience, the following strains are believed to be better for opiate withdrawal.

  • Green Thai
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Red and Green Bali
  • Borneo

You can just try all of these strains and see which one of these set the stage perfectly on your journey towards opiate withdrawal.

How to use Kratom for Opiate withdrawal?

You might be aware that Kratom comes in various forms and compositions based on the method of preparation. Kratom is now available in the form of powder, capsules, resins, gums, extracts and much more. You can either opt for these modes of consumption or just intake Kratom in the form of tea by boiling the leaves in water and then straining the liquid repeatedly to get the tea. You can also mix your Kratom with juices or smoothies to eliminate the bitter taste. You cannot remove opioids from your life just with Kratom but embracing clean and hygienic food and basic practices might come a long way in the process.

Kratom dosage for Opiate withdrawal

The dosage cannot really be determined with various factors coming into play when it comes to Kratom. A particular dosage might be okay for someone but then the same can’t be assured for the other person. Hence, it is always good to start with low doses and then gradually increase it with time. So, 2 to 3 grams of a particular strain might be effective in the process of opiate withdrawal. You can always go with low doses and then also perform strain rotation to make sure that you find the sweet spot with Kratom for withdrawal from opioids.

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