How to Keep Your Kratom Tolerance Down

Kratom Tolerance Down

You might have already seen a lot about Kratom, its benefits, dosage, controversies and other aspects of this particular herb. But what is not being spoken aloud is Kratom tolerance. People do not have a fair idea of how this tolerance builds and tends to proceed on a huge scale with time. But wait, some people think only Kratom causes tolerance. It is important to understand the general idea that tolerance is a generalized term and it does not only extend to Kratom. People tend to develop a tolerance for all products that they use for a long time. I have seen people being addicted to coffee that they wouldn’t be able to rest without having at least one cup of coffee a day. Under these circumstances, can we call it coffee tolerance? But we don’t do that, right? So Kratom tolerance happens and it cannot be denied. But why does it happen? It is just because that people tend to use Kratom regularly for a long time, they develop tolerance in a way that more quantity of Kratom is needed for the same effects that people experienced for the first time.

With the existence of Kratom tolerance out there, what matters is how it needs to be fought or pulled down for effective treatment. Several strategies could be adopted by people to maintain tolerance levels without increasing or decreasing the same.

What is Kratom tolerance?

Kratom tolerance is just simple. It just means that you will have to use more Kratom dose every single time to experience similar effects. People who started using Kratom initially might need more quantities for the effect that they witnessed the very first time. To put it in simple terms, the body becomes adapted to the Kratom dose and hence you are pushed to a situation where you end up taking more and more Kratom with time. This trend not only increases the Kratom tolerance but also puts people in a hard situation where they spend more money and also increasing the instances of substance abuse. So, when you choose Kratom for your health, just make sure that you wish to use this plant herb responsibly without abusing the plant in any way.

Eliminating the Stagnant Strain syndrome

You might have already guessed what this section means. As the name of the Syndrome suggests, the Stagnant Strain syndrome just talks about the act of associating with the same strain for a long long time. Every Kratom strain out there has specific effects and using it for a long time might get you glued with that strain and you will have to take necessary steps to protect yourself against these syndrome effects. This is why people switch strains so that the tolerance effects don’t last for a long time. Every strain out there is different from one another in some way and hence, there are other factors like maturity, drying process, harvest procedure, growing environments that can influence the different Kratom strains. To cite an example, A kratom leaf that grows inside and the other one that grows outside might have different effects or display different potency. The alkaloid composition might change between them and also the content stays original if you use it in the powder form.

What this means is that the effects of the Kratom dosage tends to become weaker with time and that is the point where you will have to switch to a different strain for some time until this tolerance wears down. So, the easiest way to eliminate the Stagnant Strain syndrome is to mix different strains of Kratom to keep tolerance on a safe course. If you allow tolerance to grow, then not only you lose money but your well-being is at the risk of being damaged.

Have a plan

Having a plant is always necessary when you go about combating tolerance with Kratom. It all starts with identifying that you are developing Kratom tolerance to a particular strain. It is at that point of time that you should come up with a plan and allot specific hours for the particular strain. At the first time, you might experience effects throughout the day. But as time progresses, the sensitivities might become less and you might need several doses for the effects to stay all day. When you realize that your doses are increasing with time, then you should make sure that you start on a plan or a schedule to make the effects stick till the end of the day. Do not take a particular dose at once and split it throughout the day in a way to understand when your body needs Kratom doses. With doses being spread like that, you tend to minimize the concentration in the brain.

Kratom strain rotation

It is not a great deal to switch and mix strains, but doing it with a right plant is all that matters. Prepare a schedule for your strains by switching them daily. For example, if you start the week with White Borneo, Red Sumatra, Green Bali, Red Maeng Da, Green Borneo, Red Bali, and Yellow Vietnam must be the remaining strains that occupy till the end of the week. A schedule or a rotation like this will help you go a long way protecting yourself from tolerance.

Using a Kratom Potentiator

For your Kratom doses to be stronger, you can always go after potentiators like Magnesium that can lower down the tolerance levels significantly. As a remarkable potentiator, Magnesium does a great job by keeping the addiction levels at the threshold, while imparting great effects on the users.


Swapping Kratom strains and preparing a schedule with Kratom doses can only help people keep the tolerance effects at bay. With different alkaloid content in each Kratom strain, the body doesn’t get adapted immediately and hence the tolerance doesn’t develop. With various methods and strategies to go about with Kratom tolerance, choose the one that fits you.

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