Privacy Policy

It is our foremost priority to protect your private information. This Privacy policy applies to the website Kratomarena and it also steers complete control over the way the data is collected and used on this site. As a user, please go through the purposes of this policy and also make sure you assure your consent to the practices followed in this privacy policy. Kratomarena is an e-commerce site and the data practices followed here to meet all the requirements of the site and its users.

Personal information collection

Kratomarena is liable to collect your personal information as in name, email address and other details. If you tend to purchase any products at Kratomarena, we might also make not of your billing and credit card information. This data might enable us to complete the transaction with you in most cases. The demographic information might also be collected in some cases in the form of age and gender for other purposes. Additional information which might be personal or non-personal might also be gathered at any point in time.

Computer software and hardware information will be collected by default when you visit this site. This data might cover the IP address, browser type, domain address, time of access and other details. This information might serve in the best interest of website maintenance and service quality for the efficient operation of services on the Kratomarena website.

Kratomarena always recommends you to go through the privacy policy of the websites you click on Kratomarena website to understand the methods of information collection in all these sites. Also, our website will not be responsible in any way for policies mentioned on other websites that do not have any association with Kratomarena.

Personal Information use

Kratomarena collects personal information and uses it to deliver the respective services mentioned or requested by you. Kratomarena might also use your email address to communicate with you on other products and services available at this website and its affiliate sites. This website might also request you to express your opinion through surveys to measure the performance of the existing services and also for the addition of any new services in the future.

This website does not share your personal information for rent or lease the customer lists for any benefits towards third party groups. You can be assured that your personal information will not be shared with any untrusted sources. The data might be passed on to trusted partners for collaboration on analysis, email, support and other procedures involved during the delivery process. Those trusted third parties are restricted from using any of this information for their purposes other than providing services for Kratomarena. The information or sites visited through Kratomarena will be tracked and personalized to provide a customized content experience to our customers. The browsing behavior of the customers might also be studied for any benefits in the future.

Kratomarena might reveal your personal information without prior information only if it is demanded by law in good terms or if any of your actions don’t abide by the law and the legal processes followed by the site. Kratomarena strives at protecting the rights and properties of the users and hence, will have to disclose personal information to safeguard the privacy and safety of other users.


This website might use the help of cookies to customize the website experience for you. A text file might be sent to your hard disk by a web server. These cookies are unique and based on your website navigation that the webserver delivers cookies to your computer. Convenient navigation through the website is one of the prime focuses of cookies. Cookies can personalize certain features and help with simplified processes that customize your subsequent visits to this website. The billing information, personal information, shipping address, login information, and other details are recorded and used for efficient navigation through our website.

It is your sole right to agree or disagree with the use of cookies. Browsers have been designed in a way to accept cookies but you can always modify these settings by choosing not to use cookies. But this website does not hold any responsibility to provide the wholesome website experience if you choose to refuse the usage of cookies. Some of the services might not be accessible too when you opt to decline cookies.

Personal information security

Kratomarena safeguards your information from third parties and unauthorized sources through the use of encrypted protocols like SSL. Hence, the personal information transferred to other website stays safe.

Children usage

This website prohibits the use of its services by any person under the age of thirteen years. Hence, no information is collected from children below the age of 13. The guidance of parents or guardians is necessary if you are under the age of 13 and wish to use this website for any purpose.


We value your privacy and you have it under your rights to subscribe or stop receiving any updates from this website. You can contact us at any point in time to stop all forms of communications from Kratomarena.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Kratomarena might review and add changes to the Privacy policy based on customer and company preferences. Kratomarena recommends you to analyze this section now and then to understand how your information is protected.


On any doubts related to the Privacy Policy, you can always contact us and also for other purposes when you feel certain statements don’t abide by the policies of Kratomarena.

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