Shipping Policy

Returning products/Refunds 

We mostly consider our sales to be final and refunds, exchange or credit options might be given to customers in special circumstances. For an order to be eligible under these circumstances the original product will have to be returned and it will be checked for certain parameters. If the returned product arrives in an open package, Kratom Arena might turn down all requests for refunds or exchange., under its provision, will never resend a product that has been returned. The cost to ship the products back to us will always be the responsibility of our customers and does not bear any control over it. Most of the orders at are checked and packed efficiently before it is sent out for shipping.

Any products other than the live plants and seeds that are to be returned must be brought to our notice at least 15 days from the purchase date for exchange of products.

When it comes to living plants and seeds, we must be intimated at least 3 days from the product receipt purchase for any form of exchange. Apart from these conditions, assures the quality and health of the live plants and seeds, which needs to be opened and used based on the directions for use and other instructions. does not assure you of the growth of the plant once it has been planted under your supervision. The exchange option is valid only of the product is returned in an untouched condition.

Order Acceptance Policy

Any instance of misuse of fraudulent activity might force us to terminate or cancel an order at any point of time without informing the necessary reason. We do not ship our products to the States where Kratom faces a ban. Also, some of the countries, where the use of Kratom is illegal, we do not ship our products. For more information on the States and the countries, contact us. If you order from the countries or the states where Kratom possession is not legal, then you will have to face the regulations under the law.

Package loss and risks

The loss of goods and damage of the same during shipment if it is lost in the course of transit and if the delivery service confirms the loss of the product, then Kratom Arena will take the necessary steps to reship the products to the destined location again Only in these cases, the shipping fee will not be levied on the products. If gets the confirmation of a particular delivery, then it will not proceed to reship or refund it.

Force Majeure cannot be held responsible if any of the orders are not delivered due to any natural calamity, delay, failure, accident, involuntary regulations, lack of transport and other instances which are not under the control of Kratom Arena. In case any incidents like these happen, might ship the product at a later time based on our convenience at a specific price which you will have to agree without any extensions in case of delay.

Shipping to domestic locations

You have to be aware of the laws of your State. We also do not encourage orders from Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, and other such locations. Please contact us to know more about the States that have ruled out Kratom to be illegal for placing orders in these places.

Other terms not limited to the only purchase of products and placing orders at our site have been stated in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy followed by us.

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