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By accessing and using Kratom Arena website for orders, purchase and other purposes, you agree to provide your consent to the following terms and conditions. If you have any disagreements on the same, please stop using the site and return any products you have purchased from us.

Use of Kratom Arena services and Representations:

Some of our products are not recommended for human use or any other unauthorized purposes. You, in your best interest, realize that some Kratom Arena products are being provided as a specimen, reference, display and for other purposes related to scientific research. Kratomarena ships their products only to clients who are 18 years or above based on the purpose of use, either personal or any other user mentioned. If you tend to avail our services for any third party, it is your responsibility to make sure that the third-party satisfies the above-mentioned criteria. As mentioned earlier, some of the products do not endorse human use and you must not exhibit any intentions to consume those products that have been marked as not eligible for human consumption or any internal use.

You might not receive an answer for any doubts related to human consumption of the products available at Kratomarena. On further requisition, your access and other privileges might be terminated without any notice. The products under Kratom Arena might not have been commercially tested or for any other usage. The products might contain chemicals and harmful toxins that might lead to severe complications if not used properly or misused under certain circumstances. Human contact needs to be avoided at any cost. People who have already used the products of Kratomarena must handle it due to the familiarity. The products available here are sold under the stringent condition that they have not been adulterated or employed any restricted substances. However, the products found at this site does not carry any evaluation done by the FDA and hence, it does not endorse to diagnose, treat or cure any such ailments. The data furnished on this website is only for information purposes and it cannot be used as a replacement for any pieces of advice from a healthcare professional or other physicians. You are requested not to use the information for any form of treatment or as a prescription for the same.


You can go through our Privacy policy and get to know how the information is collected, processed and used by the site.


By accessing this website, you agree to all electronic communications through email and that any agreements, disclosures and other legal procedures be sent to you through electronic mail for communication.

Your profile

On using this website for your purposes, you are prone to maintain the safety of your account by not confiding the account details and passwords with any third person. It is your responsibility to restrict the access to your account by third party people and you are also liable for all activities that happen with your account. You cannot perform any account transfer to some other person without informing us. Kratomarena is not responsible for any intellectual theft from your account. Kratom arena, under its discretion, can cancel your account and other services on any violation. Also, Kratomarena collects information only from people who are above 13 years of age.

Refund policy

You can choose to cancel your orders at any point in time. Orders that have been processed already cannot be canceled. Also, you cannot apply for a refund of any order after 15 days from the delivery time. On further queries, you can always email us.

Third-Party links and services

Kratomarena might display some third party links that are not supervised by us. The third-party contents have been provided to make your experience memorable and convenient. Kratomarena cannot be held responsible for any links and contents and the changes in these links that are outside the boundaries of Kratomarena. By providing third party links, Kratomarena does not associate itself with those third-party sites or its services. Kratomarena also does not share any personal information and other details with the third party sites unless and until the situation demands the transfer of information, while will be done with your consent to promote our relationship and also safeguard the privacy of our customers and users. For more information, you will have to refer the privacy policy of those third-party sites and links in case of any anomalies with your browsing experience.

Unlawful use of Intellectual property is restricted

Your privilege to access and use Kratom Arena website comes with a license that is non-transferable and non-exclusive. By using this website, you assure us that you will not use the site and its services for any prohibited purposes that are unlawful. You are restricted to use this website in any way that could malign or destroy the image of the site or cause a rift with any other third party from continuing the services of this site. It is also not recommended that you try to possess any information from the site through any way that the website does not endorse or call it legal. The contents presented on the site in the form of text, graphics, videos, images, symbols, and other software belongs to Kratomarena and has been copyrighted to prevent any kind of infringement by law. The website is the sole proprietor of the rights and you agree to abide by those laws by not misusing the information or content in any way.

You are restricted from using the information to modify, publish, recreate, send or derive any works from it in a way that the whole content has been exploited. Also, intellectual properties of Kratomarena are not for sale and it cannot be used for your benefits. The site does provide any authorization to you to use the protected content on your site or add any changes to it without our notice. Without any license on the intellectual property, you do now own any rights over the protected content and hence the information can be used only for personal use and not on any other public forum or platform.

Communication services usage

The website might contain communication services like bulletin boards, chat sections, forums, comment section, community pages, and other privileges to help users communicate with any user or the group. You agree to use these communication services only to exchange messages that abide by the policies of the communication service. You also assure that you will not abuse, tarnish, stalk, challenge, harass or violate the rights of other users while using the communication services. Any post or image that is obscene, racist, defamatory, arousing, inappropriate, and unlawful intended to hurt the sentiments of a group or a community will not be entertained. Also, uploading any malicious software, viruses and the properties of other third-party groups is completely restricted. Any of the software that might alter the operation of the website and its services will be prohibited and the action will be taken legally. Using the communication services for your endorsement and advertisements will be met with legal notices. Harvesting other users’ information or violating the communication services by preventing other users to enjoy the services will be considered to be a violation of the laws.

Kratomarena does not supervise the Communication services periodically; however, any violation might involve the site’s participation by removing the comment or any other materials that do not meet the standards. Also, Kratomarena can go forward by reserving the right to terminate your services in the event of a violation. As per the legal terms, Kratomarena has the rights to reveal your information for the betterment of other users and the Site’s operation. Please do not reveal your personal information to your children or any other person for the use of communication services. It does not serve the best interests of Kratomarena if your account has been used for actions that violate the law of communication services.

Materials are given to or posted on Kratom Arena site

Kratomarena does not brag about any ownership of the materials and posts you upload or provide to this Site. By submitting certain information, you provide the complete rights to Kratomarena and its affiliates to use the information to transmit, display, copy and edit it in any way by publishing your submission with your name associated with it. You are not prone to receive any form of compensation for providing information or submitting a post. You can also remove your submission at any point of time or Kratomarena under its rights can discard your submission without any notice. By submitting a post at Kratomarena, you claim all ownership and rights to the submitted information and Kratomarena cannot be held responsible for any of the implications.

International Users

The services provided by this site are applicable only in the US and if you operate from International locations, you are expected to comply with all the local laws. You assure us that you will not use Kratomarena.com in a way that any other country’s laws and regulations are violated.


You are one the same page with us while you assure to indemnify and hold Kratomarena, its office bearers, employees and other affiliates harmless for any of the losses and expenses incurred by your use of the services or the inability to use your service. We cannot be held responsible for any submissions, violations, and prohibitions committed by you for whom you will extend your complete cooperation with the existing defenses.

Liability Disclaimer

The information presented on this site might include irregularities, mistakes, errors, and improvisations will be made at any point of time bringing in new changes to the information.

Kratomarena or its supplier affiliates make no promises on the reliability, availability, and accuracy of the information, products, and services. This liability is not limited to software and other images published on the site for any purposes. Kratomarena announces disclaim to all its warranties concerning the product, information, and other data presented on the site. Kratomarena, under its discretion, is liable only for direct and special damages that include data, profits, products and other discrepancies arising due to the services of the site. You are always free to stop using the site if you are not satisfied with any of the Terms of Use.

Termination or Restriction of Access

Kratomarena has every right to terminate or restrict the access to the site and the services without any prior intimation. The site is controlled by the laws of the State and hence any disputes with the usage and the site needs to be taken with the court in the jurisdiction that governs the laws of this site. You are liable to agree that you do not hold any relationship or partnership with the site which conforms to employment, venture or any relationship for that matter. This agreement comprises of the complete agreement between Kratomarena.com and the user and also an electronic version of this Agreement is eligible for any court proceedings under conditions that the information is written in English and no other language.

Terms of Change

Kratomarena.com under its reservation can change the Terms and Conditions at any given time based on several factors. Also, the updated version will be posted on the site and every user is requested to review the site to keep them updated on all changes concerning the Terms and Conditions.

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