Tips on Kratom Dosage You Should Know


We had to face a lot of questions within the Kratom community about anything and everything related to Kratom. However, if it is all about Kratom dosage tips that you are looking for, then you are at the right place already. If you are a newcomer who gets their things straight with Kratom, then it can be a bit confusing to understand which Kratom dosage would be the right one for you. However, some people tend to play safe during this situation by consuming very less amount of Kratom, leading to a dismal first experience with Kratom. The first impression can be a bit disappointing if the newbies don’t understand the importance of Kratom dosage. Let’s look at certain hints today that might help beginners and advanced users to get a hold on their Kratom dosage to make the best out of it.

Is Kratom dosage important?

We have seen a lot of people ask the same question if their dosing matters a lot in the beginning. Most people feel that they could get away with any doses since Kratom is all-natural. But it doesn’t work that way. So, yes dosing is really important and it decides the first experience of Kratom users, helping them understand if it is a positive effect or a negative effect. A negative experience can lead to certain complications and hence the users must be cautious about the thin line that stands between a positive and a negative experience. Striking the right chord and finding the balance is all that matters when it comes to a satisfying Kratom experience.

Kratom tips – New users

So, you are a new user and here you go with your first Kratom dose. You might be excited to try Kratom out but confused at the same time since you might not know how much to take. No rule book explains how much dosage a newbie must take. It is all about the understanding and the compatibility that people tend to develop. You just have to work your way up when you take up Kratom for the first time and see how it suits you in the long run. Start with small doses and then proceed to larger ones gradually with time. Kratom dosage can depend a lot on the body, weight, size and much more. For a bigger body frame, large doses might suit the requirements. The problem with the first Kratom dose is that you cannot be too cautious and too generous. It is all about finding the sweet spot for a nice Kratom experience.

Kratom dosage tips – Experienced users

As an experienced user, you might already know the Kratom dose that suits your body. However, advanced users might have to give some thought concerning strain rotation since it is very important. With time, when you get to know your dose, then it is easy to stick to the same if it works perfectly for you. But what the experienced users don’t pay attention to the fact that the tolerance levels could rise if they keep on using the same strain for a long time. Yes, swapping the strains periodically can be a crucial point when it comes to maintaining the tolerance levels. Initially, if you had used only 5 grams of Kratom, you might now take even 10 or more for the same effects. This means that the tolerance has been affected and hence, the dose amount increases periodically if you don’t switch the strains. Experienced users are aware of the dosage they need but what they don’t know is the rotation and strains switch that they will have to adopt to keep the tolerance levels under wraps.



Kratom dosage tips are not just about grams but it is more than that. Strain rotation is a mandatory practice that is to be followed by all Kratom users. If Red Maeng Da is being used today, Green Bali can be used the next day and a particular schedule for each week can help people enjoy stronger Kratom effects but also stay on course when it comes to Kratom dependence.

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